SUPREME 95.ph is distilled water.
Water obtained by condensation after being subjected, by heat, to a process of ebullition to eliminate any mineral present in it.

The difference between filtered and distilled water.
Filtered water does not get rid of 100% of bacteria and distilled water undergoes an evaporation procedure which cancels out any bacteria or impurity the water carries.

SUPREME 95.ph is Ionized Alkaline Water.
It is charged with a great amount of oxygen.

SUPREME 95.ph is Alkaline Ionized water.
Water undergoes a process of Alkalinization during any form of electrolisis, filtered ionizador with alkalinizing minerals, etc. Resulting with water normally with a PH balance as high as 8 and in this case Supreme Water has 9.5 PH balance.

What does Akaline water do to your body?
Alkaline is rich in oxygen and nuetralizes the dangers of free radicals and at the same time increases your body’s energy levels.


Why is our water different than the others?

SUPREME 95.ph is water that contains all of the ingredients that your body needs. It is distilled ,Alkaline,Ionized water that contains electrolytes and minerals.
Each one of these ingredients that help the disintoxication, delays the aging, neutralizes acids found in the body , fights fatigue and strengthens the immune system.

*While other brands of alkaline water utilize filtered water, which is criticized due to producing acids in the stomach and with passing time
could cause secondary effects to the organs.


Why are we different from other leading brands?

*Is all water the same?
No, they are not the same, this is a very comon thought that is preventing people from enjoying the benefits of good health.
The water we should be drinking should be water that can hydrate our bodies and recover the electrolytes that are lost when sweat is being lost while being active or during excersize.

*Tiredness is one of the major factors that indicates you arent hydrated enough. You can note that can drink regular water during the day but this type of water has no affect with the recovery of the elctrolytes which is why you feel unmotivated.

It is necessary to drink water, but not just any water it should be water that contains the necessary ingredients to recover what was lost. SUPREME 95.ph is the pioneer of this type of water (distilled, ionized, with electrolytes y minerals)



To be able to define Alkaline Water, we should first observe the concept of PH (Potential of Hydration) of a liquid. When we speak of PH we refer to the concentration of ions of hydration. The index of PH is measured on a scale that ranges from 0 to 14, being that 7the neutral value of the table, under 7 we would be speaking of an acidic medium and with a greater amount of free hydrogen ions, while above 7 would be considered alkaline.

In this scale, pure water, in its natural state has a neutral PH, equal to 7, neither acidic nor alkaline, which means that it has the same amount of Oxidryl ions (H+) as Hydroxyl ions (OH-).

On the contrary, if we add or increase the level of alkaline minerals in the water such as calcium, potassium, sodium or magnesium, we will also be raising the OH – ions and we will have alkaline water and richer in oxygen.

When we refer to alkaline water, and in order to benefit from its properties, we need the water to be in a PH above 7.5, at a higher PH value, greater alkilinity capacity, an optimal value to benefit from all the properties of alkaline water would be between a PH range of 8-9.5, more that 9.5 can introduce side effects. That is why Supreme Water contains the PH of 9.5, which is what your body needs.



There are more and more studies that endorse the importance of drinking Alkaline water continuously because of the many health benefits it reports. According to these studies, carried out by prestigious researchers, mainly in Japan, drinking alkaline water helps us neutralize and eliminate waste and toxins that are produced in your body, as well as the acids that are generated with digestive processes.

In turn, it provides better hydration, being also, being ionized, a source of antioxidants that act naturally against free radicals.

Other benefits that we can obtain from its consumption is disease prevention. Many of the diseases we suffer are closely related to the excess of acidic elements in our body, favoring a lack of oxygen in our cells. The alkaline water in the medium term helps to a better oxygenation of the cells, helping our body to fight diseases such as chronic diarrhea, dermatitis, hypertension, joint problems..etc.

Otto Warburt, a great medical researcher and winner of two Nobel Peace Prizes, went further in his studies and pointed out how habitual alkaline water consumption can be of great help in the treatment of diseases as relevant as cancer.

*Avoids fluid retention and aid in weight loss. By drinking alkaline water and due to its ability to maintain an adequate balance of the PH of our body, it will not need to reatin fluids as a means of defense to stay free of acids, nor will it need to encapsulate those toxins in fat to neutrlaize them, helping us to lose weight in this way.

*Carriage of minerals: Alkaline water provides us with essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium or potassium, necessary for the proper functioning of our body.