• Albany is the oldest continuous settlement in the original 13 English colonies. There was a fort built here prior to 1614. Jamestown was settled in 1607 but abandoned in 1699. Today Jamestown is a national park and archaeological site with no buildings. The Puritans didn’t land in Massachusetts until 1620 • The $1.7 Billion Empire State Plaza sits on 98 acres, with more than 900,000 cubic yards of concrete, and with 232,000 tons of steel put in place. The Empire State Plaza, interconnects 11 buildings with the State Capitol, shops, banks, cafeterias, and restaurants . (1965- 1978) • “Don’t miss the boat boat”, and “time, tide, sodawater and steamships wait for no man” started with the Albany Dayline steamboat. Albany was named after the Duke of York’s Scottish title, “Duke of Albany.”



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